Dota v6.88f download


Map DotA v6.88f Allstars.w3x by Icefrog

  • Fixed Balanar’s Void always slowed for 2.5s at night time
  • Icarus Dive no longer affects invulnerable units
  • Fixed few memory leaks
  • Wall of Replica now correctly affects invisible enemies
  • Wall of Replica’s illusions now have 0.1 second of invulnerability on spawn
  • Vacuum now applies Stun on the pulled enemies instead of slow
  • Trueshot Aura, Stampede, Rabid, Death Pulse, Scream of Pain, Plasma Field, Concussive Shot, Warcry, Release Trap no longer stops the caster
    Eject, Morph, Ethereal Jaunt, Reality, Static Remnant no longer requires cast animation
  • Improved cast time of Song of the Siren End, Shackleshot
  • Various cast/backswing points adjustments
  • Fixed Corrosive skin keep dealing damage even if dispelled
  • Octarine now reduces cooldown of Linken’s Sphere

Download: DotA v6.88f Allstars.w3x (8120.61 kB – downloaded 2753 times.)