Dota v6.88c download


Map DotA v6.88c Allstars B0.w3x by Icefrog

  • Fixed Lightning Attack from Mjollnir & Maelstrom breaking Linken’s Sphere
  • Fixed various iteractions between -swap command, deathmatch mode, switch and -names
  • Fixed bug which didn’t allow to evade any triggered projectile
  • Borrowed time, Waveform, Infest, Leap, Doppelganger, Phase Shift, Teleportation, Pounce and Ball Lightning now correctly disjoint spell projectiles
  • Boots of travel, Scroll of TP, Relocate, Return spirit bear, Ethereal Jaunt now correctly disjoint spell projectiles

Download: DotA v6.88c Allstars B0.w3x (7229.65 kB – downloaded 2253 times.)